The third episode in the Paranormal Eyewitness Kindle shorts is Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts…

Most people, on hearing the word Poltergeist, will instinctively think of the movie of that name. If they are from my generation, they will be thinking of the original Spielberg movie complete with the scene with a swimming pool filled with muddy water and skeletons (in researching for this book, I discovered that those skeletons were real as real skeletons were cheaper to buy than plastic ones at the time!). I mention this because it has remained a nightmare image for me over the years.

If you go over to Reddit and look on the ghost pages, you will see a lot of references to poltergeist and many of them are nothing of the kind – they are just ghost stories. A poltergeist, a real poltergeist, is a manifestation of unexplained noises, objects being moved around, and an outbreak of biting, hitting, or assault by an entity. It can also involve fire lighting by the entity. It means in German – noisy ghost.  It isn’t your normal, run of the mill, haunting. As I can vouch, it is a terrifying assault upon the living that goes on for an extended period and often involves a person – mostly a teenager – at its center. I know this and can vouch for it, for I was the center of a small poltergeist outbreak growing up.

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