Paranormal Eyewitness

The Paranormal Eyewitness Series is a set of shorter Kindle books each on a different paranormal theme issued roughly every two months during 2017. Each Kindle sells for 99cents or 99pence on Amazon and each is called an ‘Episode’. So far two have been issued;

Episode One – The Black Eyed Demons Area Coming
Episode Two – Ghosts of the Living

and very shortly, Episode Three will be released titled Poltergeist – The Noisy Ghosts. Here is the cover…. I like it, do you?

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I will shortly begin work on Episode Four and I feel a vampire book coming …..

Each book loos at the phenomena in terms of personal experience first and foremost where possible adding my personal viewpoint and feelings on the topic. Each includes stories and experiences taken from multiple sources but always including the My Haunted Life Too website. Sometime in 2018, I will edit the entire series adding in Ghosts In The Machines, and turn it into a nice beefy paperback and audio book too.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that you can pre-order Lord of the Elements due out July 21st at any Amazon store….. Grab your copy of this magical novella that is the prequel to The Last Observer….

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