The Ghosts of The Czech Republic

My new book – The Czech Republic – The Most Haunted Country in the World – was released yesterday in Kindle format. There was a slight snafu and I had to remove the photos unfortunately but it is now out. The paperback version is in progress and it WILL include my photos….. An audiobook version is planned though it might be me doing the reading as there are too many Czech words and locations in the book for someone unfamiliar with the language to pronounce…. (and listening to GPS instructions from an English voice mispronouncing everything has put me off not getting it right for life…)

The book is a mixture of myths, tales, legends, ghost stories, haunted locations and scary places. It should make for a good Halloween read and in paperback version, a great gift….

Give it a look.



A word about the cover….

The cover photo is two images superimposed. Firstly, the Czech flag but also this image that I took at Hrad Houska – The Gates of Hell…..

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