It Is Time For Amazon to Get Tough On Spoof Negative Reviews

I can only assume that someone somewhere doesn’t like me or any modicum of small success that I may have with my books. I say this because I have a string of 1-star reviews on Amazon UK that suddenly popped up across several of my books in a short period. Each is by ‘Amazon Customer’. Each Amazon Customer has done exactly one review – my book. Each review is unverified meaning they didn’t buy the book on Amazon – so where then? They are only available on Amazon! Each has a comment ranging from ‘Shite’ to something about poor editing. Some of these reviews were posted by someone who hasn’t read the book as the comment specifics bear no relationship to the content of the book. Perhaps, you can buy these on Fiverr? You know, sling mud at a competing author with bad reviews – $5?

It is time for Amazon to stop accepting unverified reviews. It is time for amazon to be equally suspicious over 1 star reviews as it is over 5 star reviews apparently.

On the other hand, reviews help – even 1 star reviews. Some folks read books just to see what the review was all about.

Maybe I am over sensitive? I don’t mind bad reviews from genuine readers – I just dislike these obvious attempts to destroy the sales of a book.

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