Out Soon – Your Haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids

Sometime later this week, my latest book will be released on Kindle and available at all Amazon sites. Here is the description to whet your appetites…

There is a knock at the door late at night. You answer it to find two small children standing there. You are filled with a sudden but inexplicable fear. “Let us in,” they say. “We need to use the phone.” It is at that point that the fear turns to utter dread as you see that these kids have completely black eyes……

Your Haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids, is an exploration of this terrifying phenomenon using true stories of encounters with Black Eyed kids (BEK) submitted to the My Haunted Life Too website. G. Michael Vasey examines the evidence and investigates the BEK, coming to some startling and shocking conclusions. Are they demonic soul eaters responsible for the disappearance of some of the 90,000 Americans missing at any point in time? Or, is this just another urban legend – another bogeyman designed to keep you awake at nights? Read the book and find out!

Excerpts –

“Myth and legend is also replete with soul eaters or beings that live off the souls of men. These dark shadowy beings are sometimes described as having black eyes or have no eyes at all – just dark holes were their eyes should be.”

“As the guy entered, he kept staring at me, and I noticed that he had no whites in his eyes. They were totally black! No life in them at all.”

“That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no white, nothing.”

“What are these kids? What do they want? Some say they’re demons, others say they are lost spirits? I have no idea what they are—but they terrified the hell out of me.”

““You need to let us in,” one of them screamed pointing at us.”

An investigation by supernatural expert, G. Michael Vasey, into the horrors of the Black Eyed Kids. Grab this book now and the next time you hear a knock at the door, you will think twice before answering it!

Your haunted Lives 3 – The Black Eyed Kids by G. Michael Vasey.

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