Fake Reviews

Reviews, I often say, are important. I encourage reviews – even bad ones. However….

Yesterday, I happened to be on amazon and noticed a new review for my latest little ghost story book. Two stars and the text ‘Rubbish’. Yes – that was it. I clicked on the reviewers id and discovered that in one day the ‘reviewer’ had reviewed tens of Kindle books in the supernatural category. Several of mine and many of other authors in the genre. There was an intriguing pattern too. Book upon book by me and others all given one or two star reviews with a single comment – Rubbish. However, one author in the genre was the exception. All of his books were 5-star and marked excellent. Some, but not all, were also ‘verified purchases’.

Interesting. One can only assume that somewhere on Fiverr or some such site, there is for sale a fake reviewer who will down your competitors books while ranking your high?

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