The Last Observer Revisited

The Last Observer – my foray into the novel or rather novella. A story in which I tried to explore the idea that nothing exists unless it is observed by a sentient consciousness. My hero, Stanley, was a man who read anything and everything in so doing, developed his imaginative faculties to such a degree that he in essence became a magician, able to create reality simply by imagining it although he didn’t know it. He was inadvertently dragged into a plot to reimagine the world by a group of evil magicians and was rescued by the hero – Edward.

the last observer 1I re-read it recently and I still think its a quite good and certainly worthy of a read. I have also been working on a follow up on and off for a couple of years and I guess one day, it will get finished. No rush.

It’s sold around 279 copies to date. Hardly the success I tried to imagine into reality. A shame really as I still think it would make a great movie. It actually got a lot of reviews too and you can see them all here.

I think it would do really well as an audiobook but the publisher doesn’t seem to do them.

Since then, I have learned so much about books and publishing and I am sure if I could re release The Last Observer, it would sell at least 3- 4 times more books than it did. It is a shame you can’t just re-release a book….

Wait. Maybe you can.

The Last Observer may well be revisited…..

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