Seeking Support

Crowd funding is all the rage these days it seems. So why not seek some crowd funding for my activities I thought and the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. So here it is…

Why not support me and my writing and blogging activities with a small monthly donation to the cause? Just $1 , $5 or $10 a mont is all it takes and you can sign up here.

So what do you get for your hard earned cash????

For $1 per month – If you support my activities for $1 per month, I will invite you to my private FB page at The Haunted world of G. Michael Vasey. Here you will get previews, free stories from my books, discussion and a true scary time…..

I will also add you to the My Haunted Life Supporters page and thank you there for your support.

I will also hold a FREE drawing each month with the prize being a copy in ebook or audiobook format of one of my books…

For $5 per month At this level of funding, I will not only add you to the private Facebook group, but I will gift you a copy of every scary book I write in ebook format…. I turn out 4-8 books a year so that should be a lot of scary reading! I will also add you to the private discussion part of the my haunted life too website where you can join in discussions on all sorts of supernatural chat and add you to the supporters page.

At $10 per month At this level of funding, You will get all the benefits above, gift you a copy of every ebook I produce and also send you a free copy of every audiobook that I produce. I will also gift you a free copy of every ebook put out by my small publishing company – Asteroth’s Books.

I will continue to think about what I can do for the donations and probably change and add to those promises above as I get more into the idea. For now, I thought I’d give it a go. I mean, if I got 30 or so people at $5 per month, that would be a great distribution for my books as I write them…. eventually, I would be able to afford a make over at the My Haunted Life Too website as well with these donations.

So, give it some though ghostluvvers and support my scary stories…

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