Self-Publishing Pop

I’m not sure why I write books. It’s certainly not for the money! I guess I just enjoy the challenge of creating something, floating it by people and seeing if I can make a success of it! To me, putting out books has something of the flavor of the pop industry in the 70’s – you put out a single and watch it chart – or not – hoping to be #1 on the hit parade for a week or two all the while knowing that you are only getting a small pittance for the record. It is simply fun. Especially when combined with things that interest you.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.31.59 PMYou see, I enjoy strange stories of the paranormal, I am interested in the occult, magic and the nature of reality – why are we here? and that sort of question and, I do like jotting down words and creating pictures on a word canvas – poetry. So thats what I write about…. At the moment, I am writing some fictional short stories that fall into the supernatural, sci-fi, reality and death sort of area… I’m really having fun with them and soon, I will unleash the result on an unsuspecting audience – you! Who know, it may sell.

I am actually grateful that I have had a modicum of success with my books recently. I have had #1’s with My Haunted Life Too, Ghosts in the Machines and Your Haunted Lives. Many others have charted… My latest challenge is to repeat that in the US as my books seem to sell better in the UK right now. See, the analogy with pop music works – I have to break through in the USA……


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