Thoughts On Death

With so many celebrities dying this last couple of weeks, I have been thinking about the subject of death. A theory that particularly caught my imagination was that of Anthony Peake who, using many lines of research, has a theory that we fall out of time at death. There is much more to his theory and those like it that are often picked up by the media that I won’t go into here. However, this thought intrigues me a lot.

I have written about time quite often (for example, see this Bowie motivated post) and via meditation I have decided that time is simply a construct of the human mind to give some context to our experience of life. An aspect of ourselves is eternal or rather timeless. It operates outside of this construct of time. The problem is that, without time or that particular dimension to our existence, we are like the center of the circle. There can be no movement as we simply are. We exist in an eternal moment but actually, we can’t do too much. If you follow me? As soon as we introduce the concept of movement, we are forced to add the concept of time. To move one must have space and time. The eternal point essentially becomes a line. Or perhaps the point is expressed as a line in a different dimension of being? Some of this meditation is expressed in the Mystical Hexagram book.

storm Now, back to death. If we truly fall out of time at the point of death or, return to an eternal but static existence (in terms relative to this existence), then the horrifying realization struck me that the act of dying could also be eternal. I’ll be honest and say this terrifies me. It has given me an idea for a short horror story too. I’m kind of hoping that the transition from one state to the other is fast and certainly not timeless because the alternative is that we are spending eternity dying. On the other hand, Anthony Peake theorizes that during this time, we are reliving and even potentially reinventing our lives over and over again. A sort of eternity dying an infinite amount of deaths or, more positively, living life.

Any views?

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