Endings and Beginnings

I was willing to work
I was willing to be someone else
I was willing to be whatever you needed me to be
And yet
You threw it away
I would have given you anything
I would have turned a blind eye
I would have done whatever it took you see

I woke up that morning
In a pure funk
Understood I had lost myself
You broke my heart
Took me so completely apart
Now I’m picking up my pieces
And puzzling over where they belong
Thats why I am writing this bloody song

Even emotionless
Until it overwhelms
Rolls over me like the rushing waters
Crushing, washing and flipping me
The panic starts
The anxiety rises
You are always full of surprises

Endings are beginnings
So they say
I’m beginning anew today
Not sure what or where
Nor what I am going to do
I will see it through


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