Thoughts on Higher Purpose

‘All is as it should be’ – Is it? Actually, it probably is. We tend to think of ourselves moving through time consciously making decisions that impact our future selves and the world around us. The more likely truth is that we are creatures of habit and subconscious desires and habits. We are unbalanced and our physical, emotional and mental bodies are unaligned or we are simply not in control.

Free will? I have come to the conclusion that for the normal person, we probably have little or no free will. If time is a construct of the mind – and increasingly the evidence from all sides suggests that it is – then how can we have free will? More likely our entire life is already mapped and plotted and rather than moving through an adventure that we are creating, we are simply experiencing it in linear fashion. Sort of like a record stylus. The record already exists. The song or music is complete but we only hear the bit that the stylus has just passed over. Everything is there all in an instant but our conscious experience of it is temporal and linear. and that would mean free will doesn’t actually exist…. its just an illusion.

I could surmise further and suggest that perhaps as spiritual creatures prior to birth we map and build our life song with the objective of having those experiences. Rather like the ride at Disney I love so much where you design a roller coaster ride and then get to ride it…. The life song has a purpose and that is experience.

However, I also believe in magic. Magic is about taking control from moment-to-moment. It’s about balancing the inner forces, aligning the physical, astral and mental bodies and really living in them. It’s about being consciously aware at every moment of our physical self, our feelings and our awareness of what is happening to us. If we can actually manage that then a fourth aspect comes into play. It has been termed many things, but it is actually the connection between us – the three vehicles acting as one – and the life source or God/Goddess.

The very few who can achieve that connection are able to willfully create their life song as they go. They see the consequences of their decisions and actions and they understand how things will be impacted. They develop free will as we might understand it. On the other hand, what is really intriguing is that once this connection occurs, free will is unwanted. Rather, the will of God becomes paramount in their actions. Such masters can apparently perform miracles, but what they have is an understanding of themselves and how everything is put together. Once that understanding is developed, it’s as simple as crossing the road because they see how it all works.

As I sit here, I know that I am playing out my life song. I know that all is as it should be. I also know that however imperfectly, I have signed up to understand more. Although the progress I have made so far is small or even non-existent, I continue to try through meditation, visualization and the use of age old symbols that eventually may yield their secrets…..


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