A Lesson In Loneliness

Have you ever walked down the street aware of yourself? People pass and yet if you look at them, they avoid your gaze. If you are so bold as to speak to them, their eyes open in amazement and you can see that your “Good Morning,” is met with distrust and a suspicion that you want something from them. Whatever happened to joviality? It’s a lesson in loneliness to be out and about and seeking company.

I noticed this in the last few days just walking to lunch. You see, I work in a home office alone. Just me and the dog. The dog has plenty of fun licking his balls and barking at the neighbors. Me? I sometimes yearn for company. So, every lunchtime, I take a walk a couple of blocks and eat from the lunch menu of the restaurant down the street. No one ever talks to me. No one ever enquires as to my health, state of mind or just says a simple hello. I’m appalled quite honestly at how it is possible to immensely lonely in your own home and neighborhood.

Imagine how it must feel to be homeless? Surrounded by people every day who go out of their way to avoid you. Who would rather die than say a word or enquire as to your health, state of mind and well being. It must be hell on Earth.

Imagine being an migrant? Who cares why they are here or what they actually want.

Just a thought.

It made me write this though...

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