There was a time when I believed

I subscribed to a common point of view

What else would a young man do?

These days though I have to laugh

I am unique and maverick you see

And I got to tell you that really is me

I suppose you have your models

Boxes that neatly describe your reality

Put me in one and throw away the key

Laughingly, I actually object to that

I mean, who the hell are you to tell me

What I am and how to be?

I’m going to be me, and that means free

Free of boxes, free of expectations

Free to decide on the spur of the moment

What seems good and right for me

Stop projecting your expectations

I’m not you, I am truly me

Shockingly subversive alienatingly free

Did I invent a new word?

Well, you know, that would be how I am

I do not give a damn

Take your box

Take you projection

Take your safety clauses

Take your risk aversion

Take your entire reality expectation

And try a flirtation with me

Join me and be totally free



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