Blue and Red Pills

There are a lot of people who simply are content to be. Given a choice, they’d take the blue pill and sleep. I was amazed last week to find out that a BBC journalist fits that category. He writes well actually. However, he writes BBC propaganda. Stories designed to scare, worry and manipulate. When challenged on this he makes those bland statements that he obviously believes such as calling me a climate change denier not worth wasting his breath on and then later, resorting to belittling and insulting comments such as he can see I am a mystic so was my degree in divination? Once he wound his way through those sort of comments I apparently bored him. Sad. That someone with an alternate viewpoint would bore him. I guess he has settled his mind already and is willing to sit on his high ground of egocentric thinking and pontificate and promote … nonsense. So cocksure that he is right just like the King Canute story or the one about the King and his new clothes….It’s what is wrong with the world right now – gullibility and a political mindset bent on promoting some fictional vision of a better world. A lot of younger folk seem to think like this – or rather, they don’t think but spout. Maybe I was the same when I was younger and I just forget…..

Anyway, I would always take the red pill. I want to see through the thin veil of lies and ‘this is so because it is so’ type thinking. To me its appalling that arguments such as the ‘science is proven’ (in of itself, a meaningless statement as science is never proven and cannot be proven), climate change denier, serve for true debate. Everyday, the fact that we live in a world of shadow, lies, manipulation and fantasy becomes clearer day by day. After all, singers now cannot sing (they use computer programs most of the time to autocorrect), athletes performances are enhanced by illegal drugs, Popular figures turn out to be child molesters and pedophiles living fantasy lives, we are told coffee is running out, oil is running out, global warming, alternative medicine is useless, fracking is bad, bees are dying and so much more….. and its actually ALL crap. Do the research and you will discover that these people do not know what they are talking about.

We are marketed to all of the time. Buy this, want that, like this, think that….. BBC and other journalists have become the new Priests of disinformation. Your life is being orchestrated and choreographed.

Isn’t it time to wake up and reject this?

Isn’t that just like the Matrix scene where you can take a blue or a red pill?

My contribution to taking the red pill is called How To Create Your Own Reality. It’s worth a read. It simply is a way for you to begin to orchestrate your own life. To break free and wake up. It is your choice.


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