The Dead

Somewhere there is a place

The dead must go

Once here, but now residing

Somewhere there

Cut off and isolated from the living

It used to be called Hades

A shadow land full of shadow people

And when the sun shines

They shimmer like rising heat

The dead are fast on their feet

Fleet of foot and silent too

A higher frequency of life

Is that what death truly is?

All around us they play

Thoughts trapped in the ether

And when the light is just right

We may gain a glimpse or two

A flickering shadow plays

Radiating under Sun rays

The faint echo of laughter

Or a hint of foot steps on ice

A face stares back in the mirror

A voice speaking starkly

From within incandescent static

They are there and they stare

They watch and still do they care

But they know it’s simply a matter

Of time and we will be there

To share eternity with them

As a ray of light, a fire spark

Spirit in perpetual motion

Eternally playing as the light

Effervescent with laughter

Joyfully lost in eternity

Pulled back to the One



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