My Haunted Life Too

Sometimes an idea will hit you and you think “I can’t do that!” Then you remember that unless you try to do something it isn’t going to happen at all and, since we create our own reality, let’s take a shot at creating something….

Well, such a thought passed through my noggin while cycling a trail in the Czech Mountains. Too many bumps? Maybe, but I thought why not start a ghost story website? Yes, there are a few around already but everyone has a story – a creepy story – so why not try to get them to submit those stories to a website and promote my own ghost books all at the same time?

A couple of days later and Hey Presto! My Haunted Life Too was born. So why not pop over and take a look – it is a beginning and I have visions – possibly of grandeur – but visions none the less of all sorts of activity there perhaps maybe even podcasts and the like in the future.

And – since I really do believe that we can all create a better reality – I am going to go for it. For I know that surely if I don’t, it won’t happen at all.

Can you help me with it perhaps? Submit your scary true story? Promote the site on your Facebook page or tweet about its existence?

Thanks a bunch……

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My Haunted Life Too РYour Scary True Ghost Stories 

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