Shhhhh – Let me Tell You A Secret (Don’t tell anyone)

Imagine. Imagine if with a few words and an attitude you could manifest whatever you wanted in your life? What would you ask for?

Think of that a different way. There you are polishing the silverware and suddenly, a genie appears. He grants you three wishes. What would they be?

Now, let us complicate this scenario. Let’s imagine that rather than ask you for the three wishes, the genie reads your mind and delivers on your first three thoughts. How might that go?

“Oh….. I want a big fast car, er, wait, no, I would like to be rich, stop, wait, maybe just happy…..”

I would think that most folk would end up very disappointed with the result of their wishes and the genie might very well be extremely confused by your muddy thinking.

Well, thoughts are real. Thoughts are things. Thoughts really do manifest. The problem is most people don’t think much at all or if they do, they have no discipline. They are constantly sending mixed messages to the Universe and the Universe gets confused. If you don’t know what the hell it is you want out of life then I am pretty sure the Universe doesn’t know either.

This is the problem with the concept behind the The Secret and the cosmic ordering concept. We simply do not know what it is we want. Not deep down anyway. And that is why you need to first learn about yourself. You need to sit down and get introduced to your self. The next step in the dialogue is to recognize that you have been programmed and those programs that are running in background are NOT actually the ones you want to be running at all. You will discover that rather than being a sentient in control person you are an automated sleep-walker responding to signals feed to you by the matrix that we live in. Fear, Sex, Greed – you name it. At every minute of every day you are being told how to behave, how to think, what to want, what to need and you know what? It is all bullshit.

Even worse, you will discover that much of the programming was put there by your parents, your friends, your family, your culture. You will discover that you are not who you thought you were at all. Even worse, you will discover that what you actually want and what you think you want are TWO different things.

In magic – real magic (yes, magic exists and so do magicians – you can read about 13 amazing real magicians here) – we first must learn to know ourselves. This is a never ending process but once you start you will be amazed. The world will change as you discover what you really are. The other thing Magicians learn is mental discipline. This involves being able to control your thoughts and imagine so well that you can actually see, feel, hear and smell what it is you imagine.

Now, imagine that for 10-years you have been working on that conversation with yourself, practicing mental discipline and imagination. Poof- Genie appears and he acts on your first 3 thoughts.

Different huh?

Thoughts are real. Thoughts are things. You create your own reality so accept responsibility for what you have created and start now to work magic. You can. You will. Break Free. Read the book that will change your outlook on life – here and visit the website too.

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