Artful Words of Science

The Art of Science is my last book of poetry published earlier this year and I happen to believe it is my best so far….. It is full of angst, insights and ideas about life, reality and it all. My poetry is fluid wordplay using words to create feelings and conjure pictures of how I see things. All my poetry books are available on Kindle and in paperback format…

Enjoy this sample from The Art of Science called Getting Older.

I once thought that
I would last forever
Had no concerns at all
Burned the candles at both ends
And in the middle too
But there came a time when
I suddenly understood
Time, was moving quickly on
Everyone looks older
But not necessarily wiser
Certain songs are sung memories
Of times now long gone
Partying with people
Whose names I no longer remember
Yes indeed, life has moved on
Getting older
Getting bolder
With each passing day
Where there is a will
They say that there is a way
But the way my body feels
I’m sometimes not so sure
Quite frankly
The word manure
Or a derivation
Comes to mind
And you know
What I find
So bloody difficult
Is actually that
Aging is so damned


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