Jumping The Queue

Today, I am stood in a queue. I observe that there is a single line for two checks outs and the person at the front of the line selects the check out that first comes free. I am four or five back and I take my position and aimlessly think of nothing. As I get to the front of the line I suddenly think to myself that now it’s just me here, I am sure someone will push past me when the first check out comes free. The thought slipped out before I had a chance to stop it. As soon as it was released I knew…..

The guy behind spotting his opportunity jumped in front of me to the left hand check out. I stood there dismayed. Then I stepped in front of him and said firmly “I was first!” At this point I was mildly amused but his reaction triggered my temper – yes – I have a quick temper. “You were lined up for the other,” he says……. It’s at times like that it is good I am not a competent Magician because if I were … toad city for him at best. However, I explained his mistake as patiently as I could and even the check out girl told him in Czech – “He was first.” As I left, I couldn’t hold on to the two words that left my mouth in his direction beginning with A and ending in E. I couldn’t help it…

I learned a couple of things from this.

First, thoughts are real and do create reality. I had to think it and it immediately happened. You see, I think we are all good at this – I call it conspiracy thinking…. We set up an outlook on life where we expect things to happen a certain way and then they do…. just like a conspiracy theorist who sees his ideas proven at every point.

Second, despite all the work I have done on my quick temper and big mouth. It has not been enough and I need to work harder. For me, this is my biggest flaw and weakness as a human being. To others, it probably is a small speck and they wonder why I don’t see the bloody stick!

Thirdly, people really are A……Es at times aren’t they? See, I could have jumped in front of the person in front of me too but I didn’t and wouldn’t. Not in a million years. I wouldn’t have the nerve if I am honest and more importantly, I’m just not that kind of person. But many are. How come I get to meet them all of the time? (See, there goes my conspiracy theory again!)….


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