A Hopelessly Addicted Scribbler

Yesterday, I received an email from one of my readers. He had just read my latest Kindle book and was giving me some feedback. However, he was also asking a question – When will you finish the sequel to The Last Observer? That is a good question actually….

You see, I am an addicted scribbler. I get ideas for books all of the time and off I go pursuing it. Right now, I am working on two ideas simultaneously. One is too early to divulge but it will be a Kindle short ghost stories book – but different! The other came to me last night as I read old blog posts and it is actually almost finished already. I just need to edit, organize and add a bit to it… It will also be a short Kindle book but it will about creating your own reality. Meanwhile, I am deep into writing a new book with my partner on CTRM software in my professional life. Meanwhile, I am editing a second edition of The Mystical hexagram with Sue Vincent.

So, what about that prequel? Well, it is actually half written. I just need to find the time to finish it and I admit, I keep pushing it back down the pecking order as I think of something else to do and the priorities tend to be which will be faster to market…. It may never see the light of day as I keep on dreaming up new ideas and I have fallen in love with the Kindle short format a bit as well. I see it as a way to build an audience so that when the prequel does appear – it actually sells!

The other thing that has changed my focus a bit has been sales. Yes, I am actually selling some books! My Haunted Life Too is now my best selling book with four figure sales. My Haunted Life is not so far behind. The nice thing has been that the popularity of these books also seems to have pulled my other books a bit too. The Last Observer has sold well for the last three months or so and even one or two poetry book sales have been recorded.

Though I will admit to being addicted, having a few sales and a few mailings from readers encouraging me does make it more fun.

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