The Kindle Cover Decision

As you might have read already, I will shortly release a new Kindle book called ‘Wizards, Warlocks And Magicians: Incredible True Stories of Magic and Sorcery‘. The MS is with the editor and should be finalized next week along with a cover. The cover though is always quite a decision. This will be a Kindle only book as there will not be a paperback version and that actually makes the decision on a cover a bit harder. With a paperback, you can pick it up, look at front and back and so on and make a decision whereas, with a Kindle book, it’s all about the cover initially as that is all you can see. Yes, you can look at a few pages as well but sometimes that ends up being not much more than the copyright an content pages.

I want the cover to stand out, be appealing in a possibly lurid sort of way but not be too far away from what the book is actually about. That is very difficult to pull off especially since you are dealing with royalty free stock images. A low priced kindle book simply won’t generate enough revenues to support having a custom cover designed.

Right now, I am leaning towards this cover. I may or may not go with this one…..

What do you think?

wizards 3

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