Silly Season

Even though I haven’t lived in the Uk in over 25-years, I do know what an election there feels like and having spent almost two decades in the US, which the UK now seems to want to emulate in terms of political campaigning, I feel sorry for all of you Brits. The silly season is about to start – has already started. You will now be subjected to a bunch of young, immature and inexperienced men (yes – still mostly men) telling you what you want to hear in order to curry your favor and your vote. Later, once elected, they will forget what they said and do what they want anyway.

Isn’t it time to just put an end to this nonsense?

In a world I created, this is how it would be done…

1. Anyone wanting to be a politician would be banned for life from being allowed to represent anyone,

2. A computer would elect every two years 33% of a representative assembly using the last census. The computer would elect a representative sample of the census,

3. Criminals and people with a criminal record would not be allowed to be selected along with people willingly expressing an interest in being a politician,

4. In order to actually take up the position, the elected person would have to sit a literacy exam to make sure that they could write, read and had an idea where places like Moscow, Washington and Bermuda where,

5. They would be paid a replacement wage and the law would ensure that their jobs were protected for when they returned,

6. You could only be elected once,

7. A civil service would provide continuity and enactment services,

8. All political parties would be abolished along with all pressure groups and lobbyists.

I’m sure such a system would work equally as well as the current one and people like Mr. Milliband and Mr. Cameron would have to actually work for a living.




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