A Frustrating Time

It has, in retrospect, been a very frustrating week. However, today marks a Super moon, Equinox and Solar Eclipse so maybe certain difficulties should have been anticipated? The solar eclipse was pretty much of a non-event here with it being only a partial eclipse. We did go out and take a look though. Being Spring Equinox, the good news is that we are now heading towards Summer and that can’t be bad can it? For those expecting some end of the world, apocalyptic-type event – well, I did warn you that nowt would happen….except that your wishful thinking would be dashed again.

No. I simply have been wildly unorganized and time seems to have slipped through my hands like water. So much to do, so little time to do it. In a book I read recently (incidentally, a highly recommended book meaning go out and buy it now…), an adept tells a Bardon discussion group abut how he escapes time when he needs to. If he happens to read this can I ask he contact me with that spell/ritual please? I could well use it.

It is once again almost the weekend. It looks like the weather is going to beautiful and since Hull City are playing Chelsea, I guess we will head somewhere for a weekend away. We will explore the delights and magic of the Czech countryside and one or two pubs as well.

Hope its a good one for you all. Next week will hopefully be better!


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