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The following short story is taken from the #1 bestselling kindle book – My Haunted Life Too (and My Haunted Life – Extreme Edition).

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My father was a very good man and a great father. He was always so understanding of the strange events that happened to me and us while I was growing up and even into adult life. The reason for this was that he, too, experienced strange things and had done so since he was a boy. In fact, his mother was a medium, and my dad plainly had inherited some of the gift (?) and carried like an unwanted burden through his life. Unfortunately, Dad was a strong and quiet man, so he never told me much about his own experiences, but every now and then, perhaps over a pint, if he was in the right mood, he would mention one or two things that had occurred.

His memories begin with being a small boy and seeing his mother have many visitors. Eventually, his mother told him and his brother that she was a medium, and people would visit her to contact their dead relatives. He never said what he felt about that, but I can imagine it must have perturbed him at least a little. One day, he told me his mother started to tell her two young boys a little bit about being a medium. She told them that she had a spirit guide who worked through her and, if they wished, they could meet him. Overcoming any trepidation, my dad said yes, he would like to meet his mother’s guide.

What happened next, though, was so unexpected and so shocking for a young mind that he remembered it vividly all of his life. His mother closed her eyes and began to breathe deeply and rhythmically for a while. He and his brother watched as her face and features slowly began to change. The eyes began to slant, a long and thin moustache and beard started to grow, her hair began to straighten and skin color change. In just a few moments, the two deeply horrified boys were looking, not at their mother, but at an old Chinese man who smiled back at them from where their mother’s face had been.


One can imagine the fear and shock of this. Where was their mother? And who was this Chinese man? I know that it deeply disturbed him and that he had nightmares about it. I asked him why his mother did this, and he said that he thought she just genuinely wanted them to see there was nothing to be afraid of and hadn’t realized how the boys would react. Anyway, it must have been a deeply traumatic experience for him.

Throughout his life, Dad plainly saw and heard things that others did not. Periodically, he would wake up, shouting and pushing some unseen thing away. When I asked him about this, he told me they were dark shadows and that was all he would ever tell me. Undoubtedly, he heard and saw some of things that I did growing up as he simply accepted what was going on and tried to help me.

It was my dad who told me one time that in his experience, getting angry worked. What he meant by this was that whatever these things were, they seemed to get stronger the more scared you were. They fed off the fear energy that they caused, and it was this energy that attracted them. He told me, “Get angry, swear and shout at them if needs be, but be angry. Don’t let them feed off your fear.” He was right. The strategy always worked since in some way, the anger overcame the fear, and they lost their energy source.

However, getting angry, while a good temporary strategy, isn’t a long-term solution. The long-term solution required inner work. It requires a strong mind and will and the determination to not allow these things into your world at all.

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