The Only Constant is Change

“Everything changes and nothing stands still”

Herakleitos; c. 535 BC475 BC

I just left another Facebook group called Mystic Development. This week, I have probably bailed out of 6 or 7 groups even including the fan page for Hull City AFC. The reason is, and call me what you will for saying this, the stupidity of some people is giving me blood pressure problems. Yes, I know I am supposed to be nice and not call people stupid and such but sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade and have done with it. There is no malice intended. The social media has given everyone an equal platform to talk, let off steam, lecture and give their opinion. It really shows too.

The problem is that few us actually think and consider what we are about to say on social media. I know that certainly applies to me. People are remote and other than block me, what can they do? I am guilty at times of spamming about my books and so on and I will readily admit that I am opinionated on certain topics – though I would argue, I have expertise in those topics and am qualified to hold an opinion. Some people however, simply go too far.

Change is the only constant we can be sure of. Despite this, change creates fear. People are afraid of change – they are afraid of the only certainty in life. They don’t like their football team being renamed (even though it makes not an iota of difference really in the scheme of things), they don’t like reading bad news and since they have no other life to compare this one with, the believe that today is different to the past. Since they forget that everything is about change, they can only come to one conclusion – the end is nigh or some such variation on the theme.

Yes, I have left a lot of spiritual groups because I am so tired of reading there is a consciousness shift, we are all going to ascend to heaven or the world is about to be destroyed by God, Man, Aliens (or any of the above). Get a grip people. It is called change and it is nothing new. Today is no different to any other day in the last 4 millennia. There is no consciousness shift, no world end, no rapture about to happen – not today, not tomorrow and not for several billion years to come (Yes, we could destroy ourselves in that time and given the general stupidity of our race, we may actually do that, but the world will still be here).

I am so tired of people posting articles from websites that publish spoof news posted as gospel fact as well. Some websites actually say in bold letters – spoof new site – yet people still spread them with comments like – “You see, I told you…” Then there are the sites that simply allow people to make up anything and post it. There are any number of these fooling people all of the time. Yet, all one has to do is think and do a little research to realize it is just pure nonsense. The internet is huge and much of what is out there is pure u garbage and much of the rest of it is porn! It is a cesspit of everything that is wrong with us as individuals and as a species and yet it has its uses.

Again, my conclusion is actually simple. Take some time out, look inside yourself. Meditate, think and ponder. Be slower to act on social media and significantly slower to judge – if you judge at all (something that I am trying not to do myself but seem to be fighting a losing battle). We can create a better reality just by giving positive things our attention. On the other hand, maybe its just me that needs to do this and you are all my wacky reality?


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