There Are Days….

There are days when you wonder.

I was up early this morning. I had a good work plan all determined and the sky was an azure blue hangover from yesterday…. it always makes me feel better somehow to see a blue sky.

Then. The first phone appointment doesn’t show but an unexpected Skype call from a friend/colleague results in a 40 minute conversation about, well, nothing really… It was just a nice chit chat. Immediately after, the phone rings and puzzled I pick it up. It is my doctor chasing me to have an extended blood pressure monitoring test. I had said I would but then never made the appointment and she is concerned that I am avoiding it and if I do have high blood pressure we should know. I suspect that I do so in the end I agree and that means calling to make an appointment. Anywhere else, that would probably be a 30 second call but not here. It takes 15 minutes before I am successful as the my Czech and her English isn’t as good as either of us would like.

A quick glance at the clock and somehow it is now noon. I make some lunch by heating up yesterdays dinner leftovers and the phone rings again. Its DHL and they are about to make a delivery so am I in? Yes, I say and head to the doorstep where I am presented with the long lost book I ordered in January. This is the replacement and once again, I wonder about Amazon’s customer service – amazing that it took 3-business days from call to complain to delivery of new book in Brno shipped from the US. I call that customer service… amazing customer service in fact.

A glance at the clock and it is 12:40 and I haven’t done a bloody thing! It is turning out to be one of them days….. my plan is in tatters!

Now, me being me, I have to wonder if deep down inside I am simply avoiding work? I mean, if I create my own reality, then I am doing one hell of a job at distracting myself. Oh, I still have to meditate too – better do that now I suppose…..


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