In Praise of Amazon

Just after christmas, I ordered a copy of a book by my favorite Czech magician Frantisek Bardon called The Universal Master Key. It is an interesting new book that is highly recommended and has only recently appeared. Whether it really is by Mr. Bardon I am not so sure but many people believe that it was. Having made my order, I sat back and waited.

January 28th, the supposed delivery date came and went. No book. By mid-February, I decided to let Amazon know that my book was missing in action. I got no response. February 28th came and went and that was 1 full month after supposed delivery date.

Last night, I decided enough was enough and I went on, found my order and then engaged a customer service representative in chat mode. No book! I exclaimed. I was ready to be angry and defensive as you generally have to be when dealing with online vendors over issues like this. “Give me a minute Sir to review the issue,” said the rep. I sat waiting expecting to hear some reason as to why it was my fault or my problem or some such excuse.

What I actually heard was – “Yes, Sir, we are very sorry about this issue. Can we give you a full refund or send you another copy of the book using the fastest delivery possible?” I almost fell off of my chair! I have another copy on its way and hope next week to be reading my new Bardon book. Meanwhile, I have to say – how is that for customer service and Bravo Amazon!

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