People are Funny

People. We are a strange bloody lot don’t you think?

There is a woman down our street who we often meet walking her dog. If we have our dog with us too she will cross the road to avoid us glaring the entire time. What is bizarre about this is that dogs like to sniff each other don’t they but her she protects her dog from contact with all others muttering to herself and glaring her glare at other dog and owner. Why?

Today, I made a comment on a global warming story. I expected a reply or two it is par for the course but the reply I actually received blew me away. It said “Look mate, I have an O level in science and I got that O level by answering CO2 to a question so you knows I knows all there is and you can’t argue wis me.” OK. I guess I lost that interaction then.

The last time I flew after the plane landed most people in aisle seats stood up. More or less everyone waited patiently for the doors to open and the line to start to move. As the aisle person left, the middle and window seaters got out before the next row started. Not the man behind me though. He pushed and he shoved from his middle seat opposite me grabbing me and pushing me out of way and doing the same with an older woman in front of me. She and I exchanged that glance you do under such circumstances. He was 3-4 people in front of me still shoving and pushing his way to the exit. Of course, he fell down the plane steps and had to be given medical attention. I checked on him and while waiting to make sure he was OK, was rather surprised when his wife joined him. I don’t get it? Why push and shove people out the way abandoning your wife in the process? Guess only he knows.

Me? Yep guilty as charged. I can get pretty mouthy if I feel impeded by bureaucrats. The wisest move would be to stay quiet but damn it, I cannot abide people in uniform who think that gives them the right to be rude and officious! I am sure a few folk have looked at me and thought me totally off my rocker too.

Funny thing is though, it is these little moments of idiocy and stupidity that makes like fun isn’t it? We look out for the strange dog lady these days disappointed if we don’t meet her. Life is as much about people’s eccentricities as anything else.

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