A #1 Best Seller

With the advent of Amazon, there are lots of opportunities to have a legit #1 best seller by virtue of their categories. That doesn’t translate to it’s easy though! In fact, the idea of having that orange flag by the side of one of my books saying “best seller” was something I had long given up on ever happening to me. On the other hand, one keeps trying right?

Well, this weekend, a little dream was fulfilled and one of my books did get that sought after banner and the tag ‘Best Seller’. Not just in one category but two! It didn’t last long – a few hours – but it is still a milestone achieved and ticked off the list. It felt good and the book has been hovering in the top 10 for over a month and there is still the chance it will hit the top spot again.

The book was My Haunted Life Too.

g michael vasey 1

g michael vasey 1c

g michael vasey 1b

So there you have it. #1 for a time….

Of course, achieving an objective always leads to wanting to top that with something else. So now, I want to be #1 on Amazon.com in a category and I would like to be #1 in the Occult category. I would like to sell more than 500 copies of a book in a month too.

Tall orders? Possibly but motivation is a good thing.

Finally, we never achieve something on our own in life as we always need the support of people around us so here are some well deserved thanks;

Nick Wale – my book publicist who never gives up and is always positive and full of ideas…. a genius!

Lori Wale – An editor who gently edited the book for me.

Also my fellow writers who constantly encourage me to keep going and to have belief and faith…

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