Materialism and the Demise of Magic

I occasionally explore Facebook and other social media in search of something new, a different take or simply just fellow travelers. However, recently, I seem to have discovered a whole host of so called Magicians or people who talk about magic or claim to use it. I am so bitterly disappointed by this. What these people believe to be magic is pursuit of a better orgasm, monetary wealth, their own way and to feel good about it. That’s not REAL magic. That’s a materialistic, want it now by any means fair or foul, corruption the the Art. However, I fear this is where many end up.

Magic is about exploring the inner self and discovering the deity within. It is about thankfulness, joy, love, and gratitude. It is about alignment of self with the Creator and discovering that all is ONE. Anyone who achieves even a glimpse of this state will understand that, while we may develop magical powers in the process by which we could move mountains, we will not use them. Magic takes years and years of hard and tedious work.


We change ourselves and in that way we change the world. That is the work of the Magician. Power over the Elements within us. We work to balance the Elements within us not feed our vices instantaneously!

I blame The Secret. That horrid little book that talks about cosmic ordering systems and the like. Instant gratification. It is based on truth but it is a twisted truth. It is a materialistic version of the truth that will eventually bit you in the bum. It will – It’s called Karma!

Look, I am all for be wealthy, healthy and wise. I am. But to me, magic – real magic – is about finding out about me – the real me – and not about the pursuit of riches, power or an orgasmic state of mind (whatever that actually is!).

I shall write more about this in future posts.

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