The Creator’s Smile

Reddened stain
A blot upon humanity
God sheds a tear
At Man’s utter insanity
Inside, deep inside
Surely you have a heart?
Looking for Christ’s glowing bride
Keep looking, as She can’t be lost
She is in there somewhere
You just need to seek harder
Anima Mater is hiding
Tears fall, blood spills
Man is confused over
His Godlike power to kill
Is there victory in Death?
All that hard wrought experience
Be still! Take a breath
Parisian walkways
Laid bare and bereft
Creator sighs a sadly sigh
His adversary beneath laughs
It echoes in the sky like gunfire
Light temporarily obscured in darkness
Trees rustle in the wind
The cloud passes
Light restored, Love adored
A smile of seven colors
As normality is restored


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