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Expectation and the Power of Prayer

A few weeks ago, someone posted in the local Brno-based group on Facebook that the supermarkets here always had empty shelves and that they couldn’t find a number of food items that they were used to in Germany. Politely, I made the comment that I never had experienced that problem and pointed them to a number of locations stocking the items that they needed. I also made the remark that we must live in parallel universes. Not knowing me, that comment was taken the wrong way but I actually meant it. To me, this was another example of magic at work. We get what we expect. The German plainly had an expectation contrary to mine, that the supermarket shelves were often empty and, as a result, they were. On the

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Haunted Paintings

Here is a story from this blog that also you will find in My Haunted Life – out now! – Available at likeheartlaughterwowsadangry0

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Ghost Stories

This week will see the launch of my new effort and probably the last book for 2014 – My Haunted Life Too. We will do a cover reveal this week as well so stay tuned. It’s a ferocious cover! My Haunted Life Too is a new set of short stories of the strange and the paranormal but this time, the stories are about people around me as opposed to things I have experienced directly. Those who have read it say its better than the first as well – scarier. It will be out on Kindle later this week. Of course, all good things come in threes so there will certainly be a third to follow in early 2015. I can probably recast all three as one paperback book too in

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