Book Sales Dynamics

It’s been an interesting couple of months as sales of my books have moved up a notch. However, what I find interesting is how on any day,my books do well in the US or the UK but not both. There really is a pattern to this. One day, like yesterday, I sold 8 kindle books – all but one from the uk site of Amazon. The day before it was 5 Kindle books and all in the US .com site. Is this a function of how Amazon reports sales or is this real? If it’s real, why?

The My Haunted Life book has been doing well selling 2-4 copies a day for about 6-weeks now and I have given away around about 120 free copies too. My Haunted Life Too is just out and its too early to say but it seems to be selling too…. But since the first My Haunted Life came out, I have seen all of my books start to sell more – great news really. The Last Observer has been the chief beneficiary but even some of the poetry books are selling too.

There is a long way to go before I can say I am doing well on the author front as you really have to be selling multiple tens of books a day to get there but I am encouraged….

Meanwhile, just to knock my own smile off of my face, I found a best selling Kindle book the other day that My Haunted Life competes with. It was #1 on the supernatural list at Amazon so it is outselling my books by a factor of 2 to 3. I downloaded the sample of this book which according to Amazon, has the equivalent of 14 pages yet sells (in quantity) at $2.99. The title was something like How to Train to be a Witch. I opened the sample…. terrible grammar, mis spellings everywhere but here was the best bit. The book said if you want to train as a witch then go google ‘train as a witch’ and read the books you find using that search term!!!!

Wow. I would never have thought of that.


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