Will You Help?

I know I that perhaps I bore the hell out of many of you going on about my books all the time but  – if you could give me some small help I sure would appreciate it.

Here is how;

1. You could buy my book – My Haunted Life on Kindle – its just 99cents. Basically, less than the price of a beer that should we meet, you might buy for me without thinking.

2. You could write a short review on Amazon or Goodreads of one of my books that you may have read.

3. You could share one of my books around your friends on Facebook or other social media with a positive reference. Recommendations are very important.

I would really appreciate the support. It really is hard to market a book these days. I am always willing to return the favor.

Thanks so much….

4 thoughts on “Will You Help?

  1. Hi Gary,

    How about a mutual points 2+3? I’ll be happy to positively review a book of yours and push the word out as much as I can in return for you doing the same with my ‘Eight Crowns to Brno’ (take your pick for format, I’ll be happy to email to you). Different genres, I know (mine is humour) but look on the bright side – you’ll cheer yourself up and stop scaring your wife’s friends (I read your other post) while I can scare myself sh*tless 🙂 Win/win for both of us!

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