Little Blue and Green Men

I had a good conversation by phone last night with my Mother. She was keen to know more about my new book – My Haunted Life – and it prompted a discussion of some of the events described in the book and in some articles on this blog. I thought I would pass them along because, if nothing else, they are intriguing.

In the advertising for the book, I claim that one of my first memories is of a little blue man jumping out of my mirror, shooting me, and then leaping from my bedroom window. My mother remembers this very well but she says it was a little green man not blue! She told me that she and Dad had more or less just gone to bed when they heard a gunshot. Dad leapt out of bed immediately and ran to my bedroom followed by my mother. I was only 3 or 4 years old and I was stood up in bed looking out the window when they arrived in my room. I told them that a little green man had jumped out of the mirror on the door of my wardrobe, shot me, and laughed before leaping out of the window into the yard below (through the glass window I might add). I was still looking out of the window when they came in.

green man

What my Mother found strange was that I wasn’t frightened by this and told, them matter of factly (as if little green men were quite usual things) that I had no interest in sleeping with them, but insisted on staying in my own room. She told me that I seemed quite comfortable with the event. I have a vague memory of the event and could swear the man was smurf blue, but I was only 3 or 4, so I could be wrong.

She also recalled many other incidents including the one with the second hand jacket. Apparently, my parents visited me that weekend and my girlfriend told them offline about the incident including she says that the curtains in my room were all billowing horizontally into the room. She had been pretty scared by the event. My parents did reassure her….

That these sorts of things were quite normal around me!

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