Just A Game?

Another short story taken from my book – My Haunted Life.

If there is one game that most certainly is not a game it is the Ouija board and I have avoided that board like the plague most of my life. However, one night, in my late teens, my friend and I went to visit an ex-teacher of his. Well actually, we went on the pretext of visiting her but actually, it was her daughter we really went to see but that really is as they say another story.
It was quite late by the time we arrived. We had already been for a beer at the pub and then had the idea to visit as we drove home. Their house was a huge home in a well to do area outside Hull. It was four stories and must have been well over a hundred years old. A beautiful home.

Inside, we were told that the daughters were playing in the kitchen a board game with some friends. One look told me all I needed to know. It was an Ouija board.

“No, that’s not for me,” I said immediately.

My friend decided to join them and so I sat next door in the TV lounge with the teacher and we watched a movie in near silence. I guess about 40 minutes had passed when I seemed that next door, pandemonium suddenly broke loose. The door opened and my friend cam running out, through the room, out into the hallway and up the stairs followed by the girls. We were stunned. My friend was streaming tears, sobbing, as he ran. For the next 5 minutes or so, we all chased him around the house. He sobbed and ran, we chased. It was simply bizarre behavior.


In the end, it was I who caught him on the stairs. By now, I suspected that someone or something was in control of my friend and, as my arm caught him on the staircase I said, “Come into me.”
I don’t remember much of what happened after that. Apparently, the entity took my invitation to heart and did indeed enter me with the result that I too started running around the house sobbing being chased by everyone. After around 30 minutes of this, I ‘woke up’ at the bottom of the staircase with wet cheeks and a bunch of concerned faces all staring down at me.

It would seem that the family thought that their house was haunted by a specific entity and in the kitchen, they had started to try to converse with this entity. Thinking that the conversation was simply one of them playing games with the others, my friend had demanded the entity ‘prove it’ with stunning results. Apparently, the entity was looking for something that it felt it had lost and was searching the house crying as it searched. Somehow, both my friend and then I had tapped into this and began to exhibit the same behavior.

The funny thing is that I do not recall anything of that 30 or so minutes. It is as if I had vacated the premises for that entire time. Though where I went to while the entity used my body, I do not know. It only confirmed my suspicions that Ouija boards are best left well alone.

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