How are The Stars Aligned?

I seem to be going through a very strange phase at the moment. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with the Moon so if you are an astrologer, let me know would you? I am an Aquarian with Moon in Taurus, Mars and Venus in Capricorn and Mercury also in Aquarius….. just in case you want to offer some advice.

I seem to attract disrespectful or strange behaviour.

This morning, I almost got run down on a pedestrian crossing, also last night. I may as well be invisible on those crossings. When driving, it’s always me that people cut off or wish to pass at 20km/hr faster than the speed limit and so drive 6cm behind me. Around me, people are fighting and in bitter discord with people close to me. I seem to be a sort of catalyst for what I can only term a ‘f**k you’ mentality aimed at me and my family. I am constantly getting audited by the tax people despite the fact I am about the only honest person around so far as I can see  when it comes to declaring everything properly (in two countries I may add) and recently, a real estate company here simply invented a debt in my name and sold it to a debt collector! What on Earth is going on here?

I guess the other thing though is just the general environment is really getting to me. It is all about division, jealousy, envy, nationalism and so on at the moment isn’t it? We just seem to be generally going through a time of upheaval and conflict on all levels. People seem if not angry with each other then certainly selfish. It’s all about me sort of attitude.

I have battened down the hatches and try to let it all wash over me because it really all is nonsense. People need to chill out a bit and be glad for what they have instead of always looking for more. They need to stop looking over the garden fence thinking their neighbors are doing better – in fact, you have no idea how they are doing. We need to be coming together and facing up to the big issues not fighting amongst ourselves.

It’s really not difficult people.



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