Europe is on Vacation

August. Everyone seems to disappear in August. Usually by 2pm on a business day, I would have had close to 50 or so emails and I would be deep into multi-tasking a number of different activities. Today? I have had 1 email on my business account and perhaps 8 on my personal account. OK so the US is about to get to the office on the east coast and things may pick up but here in Europe – everyone but me is on holiday! Yes. The entire continent is on vacation for August it seems.

On Friday, I sent an email to a list of contacts about a conference. I would say 95% returned an I am on vacation message! We also decided to spend the weekend at a spa in Hungary or the Slovak Republic but I had an incredibly hard time finding a hotel room and ended up finding a room 38 km from where we were heading…. Yes, its August. The entire continent is gone. All on vacation.

Hope you all have a great vacation and hope to hear from you in a couple of weeks….


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