The Lord of the Elements

Last night I reached the milestone of 10,000 words written for my new novel – The Lord of the Elements. I guess then, I am about 1/4 done with the first draft but I do hope to make more progress on it this month and perhaps complete the book by end of September.

It would be good to have it out and ready for christmas. The Lord of the Elements is the prequel to The Last Observer and features Edward primarily. It starts with Edward as a young student with a strong interest in mathematics and the occult and follows Edward as he discovers a long lost manuscript written by an initiate named Gallivar in the late 16th Century. In his attempt to decipher the book, Edward comes into contact with The Lord of the Elements, the demon behind the black magic lodge at Grosvenor Road. To tell you more would be to give too much away but I think you will enjoy it. My early proof readers seem to be doing so anyway.

I am trying to make this one a bit more scary and disturbing from an occult thriller point of view. Let’s see how successful I am.

Meanwhile, I have had an idea for another novel that most likely will become my next project. Tentatively titled ‘Summer Holiday’, this one will definitely be a sci-fi novel.


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