The Dream

Last night I was dreaming something though now I cannot recollect what it was. I know that it was a long and continuous dream and that I was in a remote and beautiful place. I was revisiting it with my partner and child. The place was familiar and yet not. I recall thinking it was the Island of Eigg but it was not – it was somewhere I have not been to in this reality. Anyway, I was walking down a rough lane between two flat fields of grass. My two companions were behind me a short distance.

Up ahead, I could see two figures one an adult female and the other a child. As I saw them, it began to darken and to snow and I was thinking that this was a tad strange. I continued to walk and with the light fading, the weather changing and the two figures motionless as silhouettes in the distance, I began to feel a rising sense of ill. The feeling changed from one of worry to fear as I got closer to the two figures. The first was an overweight peasant-type woman dressed simply in a shawl with her hair inched back severely into a bun. She did not smile and her skin was grimy. Her eyes seemed fixated on the distance behind me as if gazing miles and miles. The child was equally ragged and dirty and as I approach I noticed the child had black eyes. No white in those eyes – pure black. On seeing those eyes, the fear and dread within me reached a peak and I began to float. As I floated over the top of the two figures I was turning in the air and my gaze was on the child’s eyes. I was scared for myself but also for my companions who had lagged some distance behind me. At that moment, the child opened its mouth in a terrible scream and that mouth opened so wide it could swallow me. I woke up, trembling, sweating and shouted No, No, No.

It took me a good 30 minutes to rid myself of the feeling of doom, fear and indescribable horror of the dream.


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