Given some of the news headlines I see about ISIS (not the Goddess I hasten to add) and their actions which are utterly evil and satanic to the equally despotic and idiotic satanic christian right that wants to deny everyone everything, I dug this poem up for today. It is from my book Astral Messages and it says exactly what I want to say. There are too many MEN who think they speak for God but in reality they speak for THEMSELVES.

To me, religion is the system that allows men to create a God in their own image so that they may control others and impose their own will upon them. In the name of religion, they persecute all who disagree as well as women, gays, and minorities. Religion is the new Nazism of hate and I am not singling out any particular religion.

The reverse of this is to believe in Divine Providence and to seek balance everywhere. Read the Bible or the Koran but read it with your eyes open… you will be amazed at the metaphysical and occult knowledge written there in plain sight but ignored by so many. As Jesus said so many times…. for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Look and listen.

To follow
Your words we trust
Despite your actions
And the countless billions
That crossed religions
And suffered death or persecution

A man who
Thinks he knows
What God wants
Is a dangerous delusion
Devilish collusion
To further darkness and chaos

Your dogma
Conform or die
Propagate my lie
Kill the unbelievers
Help make me absolute

Man-made lies
Not God uttered
Satan’s revenge
Death and destruction
Psycho seduction
Kill, hate, maim and persecute

For man
In the name of God


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