In A Vacation Mood

So I am back from Barcelona just for a couple of days and then its off to Budapest on Sunday. Barcelona has put me in a holiday mood though! I had a couple of hours to spare yesterday afternoon and so I took a dip in the rooftop heated pool of the hotel and then hit the beach for an hour…. idyllic and I could feel the tensions beginning to slip away………


While I was gone, my publisher’s blog published an article by me called Are You Creating A Good Reality? and tomorrow an interview will be published in the #1 bestselling E-zine “Novel Reads By Novel Ideas.” Funny how when I go away and can’t communicate with anyone all sorts of things happen!

So, I am now in a summer mood or at least I was until I saw the pile of emails and required actions in my inbox this morning. Apparently, I am creating a busy reality.

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