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I am sat in my small office in our own apartment in Brno and already it feels somehow as if we had never left. There remains work to be done. Some additional unpacking and some hanging of pictures and so on but we are more or less done. Then of course, we need to do a least clean up and we are in. There are a number of projects still needed to be done. For example, the huge double front doors were never painted and they look horrible at the moment. Our built in closet is like a small room and requires some fittings, there are no towel rails in the bathroom or toilet and so on…. Our house is the one to the right in the photo below and we are the ground floor apartment.


We live in the neighbourhood of Veveri just outside of the city centre. Its a Victorian area full of huge mansions complete with embellishments like Angels, Green man faces and other designs. At one time, these were the homes of the wealthy industrialists and their servants. Now they are mostly converted into apartments. Our house, for example, has four apartments in it. There are numerous small pubs, restaurants, clubs and a variety of small businesses including traditional bakers, butchers, alongside consulting businesses and real estate agents. It makes for a busy, bustling and active location but one that is imposing and in some areas almost regal. It would look fantastic if it wasn’t for the lack of any parking meaning that the streets are full of parked cars. In fact, the only drawback to the location is really finding a parking spot.

Brno itself has a huge and important University – Masaryk University with over 40,000 students. That means that Brno has the feel of a student town as well as students make up around 10% of the population of the City.

The City is dominated by two areas of higher land in the centre. One has Brno Castle (Spilberk) on it and that lies at the bottom of our street making for a great view when walking into town. The second has a major church atop it called St. Peters and St. Pauls. Together, these two buildings dominate the skyline of the City. The City also has a variety of attractions including a TT circuit, an ossuary, the Capuchin Crypt, a man-made lake, its own airport, one of the largest exhibition centers in the world, a penis-like clock and much more……

Brno in the 17th Century

Brno in the 17th Century




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  1. I tripped over your blog and I am thinking of visiting Brno for a weekend with friends. What would you say the must sees are? I would like yo visit the cattacoombs in your photo. I live in a Brighton and Hove and I like anything creative, art, architecture, lakes mountains and waterfalls . I like your blog By the way.

    • Its a small compact city and you should defo visit the catacombs, Brno Castle, The main church at Petrov, walk around town to look at the architecture. There is the Capuchin crypt and also recently opened Ossuary too. Lots of small cellar type pubs and restaurants and you will need a weekend to see as much as possible. Check our – my old photo blog for some ideas too. Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the blog. Do you read? I have a few books out you might like too….. 🙂

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