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Periodically, but with decreasing frequency, I have another shot at promoting my novel The Last Observer. I ran out of ideas a while ago on how to promote it to be honest. I was hoping it would do quite well and maybe drag a few of my other books along with it but I am forced to conclude that I need to start writing eroticism to make a break through. My best sellers remain my business books and my very best selling book has now sold more then 1,700 copies. It doesn’t sound a lot does it but to be honest I am amazed. There were 300 give away copies of that book too so there are actually 2,000 of them floating around. I wouldn’t ever have believed there were 2,000 people in the ETRM software world to be honest!

Though a tad disappointed with sales of The Last Observer its the lack of interest in poetry that really gets me. I have three poetry books out and although I am no Shakespeare I do think they have some merit and at 99cents for Kindle version, you would think some one might try them out…..

Not one to give up though certainly one to become despondent and develop masses of self-doubt, I am engaged in writing The Lord of the Elements – the prequel to The Last Observer. I will almost certainly self publish when its ready though as this really does give more flexibility. I am also working with my colleague on the next version of the CTRM book discussed above. So there will be more from me.

The Last Observer got some really good reviews and quite a few of them. It also got three really bad reviews and nothing much in the middle. Depending on who you happen to believe, either the story is excellent or my writing is so incredibly bad, its unreadable. The bad reviews smack a bit too much of lecturing for me to take too seriously and I parodied them here recently because of it. Every one to their own. If you don’t like the book fine, say so, but please don’t start telling me things like I should read more (I read avidly) or the book should have been edited (it was edited by the publisher) because that is not a review. Also, if you review the book please don’t start by saying you didn’t actually read it!


Talking of bad reviews there do seem to be people out there who delight in writing what are essentially character assassinations as reviews. They hide behind alter egos mostly so that they cannot be identified and they ridicule and taunt and bait. Go look at any author and any book on Amazon and read the reviews….no one is immune to these review nazi’s. And don’t dare try to engage them in any debate…. oh boy no.

At the end of the day, its a fun world when you can write and publish a book or two. Maybe only a few people ever pick up the book and read it but someone does. That makes everything worthwhile – even the attention of the review nazi’s.

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  1. “… don’t start by saying you didn’t actually read it!”
    Seriously? WTF? That’s not a review – that’s just trolling… beyond trolling… :/

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