The One Star

The one star
What does that mean?
Is it a teacher’s kiss
Or are you being mean?

A one star
Signals more than dislike
It’s a slap in the face
For even trying to write

Single solitary star
Twinkling not so bright
Certainly no hexagram
You must think its pure shite

2 thoughts on “The One Star

    • Well I only have two of them out of many but I do feel its a bit cruel to say “I didn’t read past page 2 and here is 1 star out of 5” . On the other hand, everyone is different and has a different opinion. I just wonder though why someone paying 99 cents for a kindle version feels so angry and wronged that they get very mean and personal with a review…. why? What did I actually do wrong to them? So, yep, heartfelt…. but what the hell, I’m still writing so bugger em.

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