Just Words

If I am honest I would say at times I wonder why I write anything at all. I sometimes feel like there isn’t much point as I really don’t have an avid fan base or readership to talk of. I often feel as if my words go unread. Despite that I keep writing. I guess that there are a number of reasons why including the hope that one of these days one of my books will sell a few copies, because I enjoy writing whether or not I am very good at it and I have things to say. I think those are all good reasons.

As I have said before, its a competitive business writing. I am comfortably in the majority when I say nobody reads what I write. The minority that sells all the books is very very small. The internet is filled with people writing – that’s good isn’t it but why should my writing stand out? Perhaps another problem is that my interests are diverse – perhaps too diverse. I write for business (see the CTRMCenter for example) and I am fortunate in that, in a sense, I write for a living – a good living too. I write on this blog about anything my wacky brain finds interesting – from global warming to family matters. On Asteroth’s Domain, I write about esoteric topics. I guess I am hard to classify especially when I churn out poetry like a machine – some of it good, much of it bad and one or two gems.


On the other hand, just occasionally, you do get some feedback that seems to make you believe that someone – perhaps the right person at the right time, is stumbling upon and reading the material I produce. For example, here is part of a note I got from someone in South Korea…

I’m a big fan of your books – they had been very helpful for the initial planning, feasibility study and execution of the first Korean ETRM project starting three years ago. Without them, it had been much longer before the commencement of the project, indeed.

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