2014 – It’s a ‘7’ Year

If you add together the numbers in 2014 they will sum to seven. Seven is a highly significant number and one that gets a lot of attention in our book The Mystical hexagram. It is the number of spiritual perfection.


Think about the number seven a bit….

– There are seven days in a week
– There are seven original planets and seven metals
– Seven seals and seven trumpets in Revelation
– We have a ‘seven year itch’
– the Torah begins with a verse containing 7 words and 28 letters (divisible by 7)
– Kabbalah teaches that 7 represents wholeness and completion
– A hexagram has 6 points (there are six directions too) and a central point of balance making seven
– Seven veils of Isis
– Seven fates
– Seven wonders of the ancient world
– Seven dwarfs in Snow White
– Seven senses
– Seven key chakras

I could go on almost ad infinitum….

Seven is completion and perfection. God created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh. The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath – a day of rest. The seventh sense is equilibrium or balance. The seventh point in the hexagram is also equilibrium – it is the point of total balance.

2014 may be a significant year. A year of completion, perfection and balance….

Let’s see.


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