The Blame Game

How often have we all blamed something on someone else or on some external event? How often do we hear others blaming everyone and everything for their problems? All too often.

It is, I feel, part of the human condition to blame anyone, anything for the ills that may befall us. We can’t possibly be to blame can we? The ego talks and we listen. “It’s his fault because he told me to do it”. Society behaves as the macrocosm to our microcosm too doesn’t it. Society is always willing to find a scapegoat – the immigrants, the Jews, the poles, the gays, the Muslims, the Christians, the Tories, the socialists, the Unions, the rich…. and so it goes on.

Look at where this has got us. Hitler rose to power on the back of such sentiment. Look at the persecution, the intolerance, the violence and anger. All because we – individually and collectively can’t or won’t accept responsibility for our own actions, faults and mistakes.


There are two things to remark on here. The first is that we are individually and collectively responsible for everything that occurs to us. If you want to play the blame game then look no further then yourself. Second, if we create our own reality then this is simply reinforced. The Universe reflects back to us our faults and our thoughts. We bring this upon ourselves.

To put this right, we must start by looking inside ourselves. A critical appraisal of who and what we are. We must know ourselves and in doing so we will know everyone else. In doing so we may finally accept responsibility.

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