Musing on Reality

I have often wondered what it would be like to go back in time – in your own life – so that you could live it all again knowing what you know now and being the person that you are now. It’s perhaps an academic exercise as it cannot be done and indeed, probably shouldn’t be done as it is the life we have had that has shaped us into what we are in the present moment. But what if we could go back?

We could amend the wrongs we have made. We could deal with others differently who have wronged us. We could change decisions and impact outcomes as a result. Perhaps, in some other dimension there is a me who led that ‘perfect’ life anyway. The me that made the right decisions and didn’t knowingly do harm. I probably wouldn’t like him very much!

Of course, Anthony Peake in his first book set out the concept that we don’t die so much as fall out of time and then relive our lives over and over like in the movie Groundhog Day. Over many lives, we would then be able to perfect ourselves, perhaps even become aware that this was the Eternal Return and therefore make a life in which we were there for everyone around us.

Perhaps this is all just a virtual Universe in which I get to try to build the ‘perfect’ life by experiencing it over and over again. Perhaps I can even do this all at once across many different dimensions!


If my outside life is really just something experienced inside then there are untold of and unimagined possibilities anyway. Am I the computer that I am attached to? Am I the virtual reality creator that continually tests myself? Now there is a thought!

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